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Ancient Iranian wine vessel from the 1st millenium BC - One of many acient wine vessel discussed by Nina Wemyss during her presentation of this facinating subject
Ancient Iranian wine vessel, 1st millennium BC

This French wine fountain, faience pottery from the 18th century is an example of the artisty and craftmanship that Nina Wemyss covers in her presentation on wine vessels.
French wine fountain,  faience,  18th century




“A waltz and a glass of wine invite an encore,” wrote Johann Strauss, the renowned Austrian composer. Enjoy this encore – a celebration of the romance and history of wine vessels in a 35 to 50 minute program.

When in history did the first wine containers appear? Where did they originate?  Who created them?  What was their composition?  Discover the extraordinary variety of objects that has been crafted for aging, transporting, and serving wine. Learn about the wine vessels of the ancient world; the woodworker’s skill and the creation of the barrel; the beginning of glassmaking; and changing tastes - the customs of wine drinking and social history.

Illustrated with images of rare treasures and precious antiques, this presentation features the remarkable achievements of artists and craftsmen throughout the civilized world.

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