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Greek Kylix 6th century BC  Acient wine drinking vessel is described by Nina Wemyss during her talk on wine civilization and the arts.
Greek kylix,  6th  century BC

 "Sanck For Two" along with many other fine examples are included by Nina Wemyss in her "Wine and Civilization: Wine's Rich Relationship With The Arts"  presentation.
Snack for Two,  Dubuffet,  1944




Horace, the great Roman poet of the 1st century BC, believed that “Bacchus opens the gates of the heart.”

Wine has been part of civilization for more than 7,000 years. It has had a sacred, symbolic, and secular importance, as revealed through a study of world art, history, religion, and literature.

This 35 to 50 minute presentation is comprised of magnificent images selected from museums, galleries, libraries, and collections throughout the world. The program traces wine’s fascinating relationship with the arts through vivid stories illustrated with Mesopotamian carvings, Egyptian wall paintings, Greek pottery, Roman mosaics, Medieval manuscripts, Renaissance art, and works from the seventeenth century to the modern art movement.

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